Move Out Checklist


  1. Clean Refrigerator, shelves, crisper, under crisper drawers, top, outside and behind.
  2. Clean cupboards inside and out, sink, under sink, faucet fixtures, counters, backsplash.
  3. Clean stove including burners, under burners and controls, burner rings & drip pans.
  4. Clean oven inside and out. Clean microwave inside and out.
  5. Clean floor and wax if necessary. Wipe down walls and paint if needed.
  6. Wash down sink, window sills, windows and blinds.
  1. Clean ALL baseboards, outlet and switch covers, remove all cobwebs.
  2. Clean blinds. Clean all windows, sills, window tracks and screens.
  3. Remove LARGE picture hooks and nails, repair LARGE holes, paint as needed ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE CORRECT PAINT COLOR AND TYPE OF PAINT!
  4. Closets should be empty and vacuumed. Carpets should be PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED (NO “Do-it-yourself” jobs, you must provide a receipt of carpet cleaning once you vacate the property to avoid being charged again)
  1. Tub, toilet & toilet tank cleaned and sanitized.
  2. Sink, medicine cabinet and vanity, faucet fixtures, and exhaust fan cleaned.
  3. Clean all tile and floors, wax floors if needed.
  4. Clean windows and mirrors.
  5. Wipe down walls and paint as needed.
  6. Clean shower, remove any mildew, clean shower doors in & out, clean frame, track & runners.
  1. Patio & decks cleared, swept, and cleaned.
  2. Garage floor swept, refuse removed, cobwebs removed.
All light bulbs needing replacement will be charged at a minimum of $3.00 each.

WITHIN 21 DAYS after the property is vacated and keys returned (including mailbox key if applicable), Security Deposit Dispositions and checks (if applicable) will be made payable to all tenants named in the Rental Agreement. Refunds are subject to the following conditions:
  1. Thirty (30) days WRITTEN notice given prior to move-out date.
  2. A charge for cleaning costs to restore unit to rentable condition.
  3. A charge for all necessary carpet shampooing, blind/drapery cleaning, and painting, beyond normal wear and tear. Paint is prorated over a 3 year period and is considered normal wear and tear after that.
  4. A charge for damage to any part of the property, other than normal wear and tear.
  5. ALL keys, garage door opener remotes, security and pool gate keys/cards must be returned.
  6. ALL delinquent late fees and rent MUST be paid.
  7. Forwarding address MUST be left with management.

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